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During the past three years, there have been four "hundred-year" floods.  There was a quaint grate-bridge over the creek.  It was badly damaged and had to be repaired.  Later that same year, another very heavy rain brought water through the valley and washed the bridge away.

Since this gravel road is maintained by the local township, there just wasn't enough money to put in a solid structure, so a couple seven foot corrugated pipes were placed in the creek, reinforced with large cement blocks and filled with stone and gravel.

This was washed away with the following spring thaw and rains.  After repair months later, the road was re-opened just in time for very heavy rains and flooding that covered almost half the state.  Bridges over major roads were washed out all through the county.  Flooding covered half the valley and washed out not only the bridge, but ten feet on either side of the creek.  The creek-bottom was also washed away, lowering the creek floor by two feet. 

Here are some pictures of the aftemath:





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